Activation Core

Activation membres inférieurs

Activation membres supérieurs – Upper body Activation

Activation/mobilité active de la hanche

Better Back – Mobility

Better back – Release tension

Better back – Strenght

Better Hips – Strenght

Better neck – Mobility

Better neck – Release tension

Better neck – Strenght

Better shoulders – Mobility

Better shoulders – Release tension

Better shoulders – Strenght

Échauffement spécifique course

Hips active mobility/activation

Prehab pour réceptions

Prévention de blessures Épaules

Routine prévention des blessures tronc & membres inférieurs

Active Superman Straddle to Close

Chicken L-Sit Walk Backward

Hanging Sit up MB Throw

L-Sit tuck to pike

One arm OH Push&Pull in plank position hold

One arm Plank to Side Plank to Hip touch Plank

Plank position lateral walk

Seated Legs Raise Active tuck to pike

Seated Legs Raise One leg Active Tuck to Pike

Side GHDSU with plinth

Surfer Hollow Hold

Swiss ball Plank Resistance

Banded Lat Pulldown

Banded Straight Arms Pull down

Banded Straight arms Pull down in hollow hold

Shoulders Tap in Ring Row Hold

Standing Banded Row

banded Strict Press

KB Shoulders Press in Seated Tuck Hold

One arm DB Sotts Press alt.

Strict HSPU

Strict Press with a frontal resistance

A Better You

A Fitter You

Fit to Prove Promo

Préparation physique spécialisée – puissance trampoline

Physical prep trampoline

Trampoline training – Motivation

Legs Power Superset

KB Biceps Curl to KB Taters

Specific conditioning

Gymnastique Fit to Prove – aperçu

Assisted Beat Swing

Back Lever Complex

Beat Swing

Beat Swing positions

Hips Touch in Pike position

HS to Bent Maltese to HS

HS to front roll

Inverted Rope Climb

Kip Drill : Pushing the Pull up bar

L-Sit Legless Rope Climb

One leg Jumping Butterfly Pull ups

One leg Jumping Kipping Pull ups

Pike Walk around box

Pistol Squat progression

Push ups pike

Step Up&Down 4 times with HS Hold wall facing

Strict HSPU with loop band around elbows

T2B to C2B to BMU

Straight arms Planche to dynamic tuck

V Sit Walk with spot

Deficit Snatch Pull + Deficit Power Snatch

High Hang Snatch High Pull

Hips Power Snatch

Hips Snatch High Pull

Push Jerk activation

Alternate One leg Rings Legs Curl

Backward Sliding Lunges

Banded Glutes Bridge

Banded X Cross OH Squat

Beam low position Walking Lunges

KB taters

One leg KB Leg Extension

One leg KB Romanian Deadlift

Vertical Scissors in reverse hyper hold with hanging weight from SB

Banded Push ups

Backward Banded Long Jump

Candle to Tuck Jumps

Clapping Push ups

Dynamic Straight to Straddle Glutes Bridge

Jumping Pistol Squat with spot from rings

Jumping Push ups

Long Jumps in Full Squat position

Long Jumps Sled Push

Low Jumps over 4 directions

Low Jump over 4 directions + Low Jump over with 1/2 twist

MC Hammer

Plyo ladder : 2 forward jumps + 1 backward + 2 side-to-side

Plyo Ladder : FrontCross BackCross

Plyo ladder : 1/2 twist Bounce to One leg Bounce

Plyo Ladder In:Out 2 times

Plyo Ladder In:Out 4 times

Plyo ladder : Lateral In/Out 4 times

Plyo Side to Side

Plyo Step Side-to-Side

Push up side to side

Side Shuffle with MB chest pass

Side tuck Jump in Push up position

4 directions Toes touch

Core Balance on foam roller

Eccentric Lying Reverse Pike close to straddle

Front&Back Kicks in Star Plank position

Lunge to OH One leg Good Morning

MB Catch in standing position on bossu

Push up positon with feet on swiss ball – Raise one limb

Renforcement Muscles profonds EX’S 1

Renforcement Muscles profonds Ex’s 2

Renforcement Muscles profonds Ex’s 3 = Dead Bug

Renforcement Muscles profonds Ex’s 4

Renforcement Muscles profonds – Ex’s 5

Renforcement Muscles profonds – Ex’s 6

Swiss ball One leg Sraight bridge Side-to-Side to Legs curl


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